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100% ready-to-use, open code Android and iOS dating apps that display your branding communications.

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Get all you need to start in one place. We have almost everything: out-of-the-box software, iOS and Android apps, custom modification to match your niche idea, tips & training, assistance with marketing and digital ads.
No-code 3 types of dating mobile apps. 15-days moneyback guarantee.
✓ Your apps will be submitted to Google Play and App Store from 5 business days. We do all submission work for you to comply with app stores' policies and requirements.

3 ready-made dating applications. Manage and sync via an app admin panel or the Dating Pro website
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Try Dating Pro free trial for 14 days. Get mobile app's links by email.
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Problems addressed

"I want to save time and money on building a dating apps and website."
Owners of dating services

"I am looking for a reputable and more stable solution in the industry that offers higher conversion into sales and is less risky."

"I want to win bids with the advantage of a lower price. A turnkey product will save my time on adjustments for the client's requirements."
✓ Launch. We don't just sell you the dating software. We launch it across all platforms: App Store, Google Play, Web,and VR.
✓ No prior experience needed. No-code user friendly plans.
✓ Save money on developing and on testing growth hypotheses.
✓ We'll transfer all of your data, the users won't even notice it. And you'll keep all of your organic SEO traffic.
✓ Find new growth points. Boost your sales.
✓ Ready dating apps and website for your client.
✓ Technical support with an average satisfaction rate of 95%.
✓ Add custom scripts and functionality for your client. Open code and 300+ add-ons.
✓ Discounts and documentation from developers for developers.
✓ No-code software. Easy to set up memberships, paid services, and visual layout.
✓ Free access to DP Network of dating services to boost the active audience of your site and app.
✓ Start monetizing your dating traffic.
Traffic marketers

"I am interested in starting an online dating service with my traffic so that I get 100% of all revenues without any commissions."
Here are some of the most used features that our clients needed to start their projects
Try Dating Pro free trial for 14 days.
Get mobile app's links by email.
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Fred Chan
Many thanks for your prompt n professional actions :-)
Neil Stanton
Review from Trustpilot
Excellent software and service
Excellent software with a huge range of useful options available. After looking through various options to use as a platform for my new venture ( it was clear that Dating Pro was the superior choice.
Since ordering, the communication from their team has been fast and helpful. There were a few things I needed to add and change and these have been dealt with efficiently. I am now working with them to develop the apps for Android and iOS before launching the site to the public.
In summary, I would recommend this company without hesitation.
Join the steadily growing online dating market

  • In 2020, there were an estimated 26.6 million smartphone dating app users in the United States alone.
  • It is forecasted that in 2023, there will be 25.7 million dating app users and $4.36 billion in global dating app projected revenue.

Help people around you to get acquainted with each other
Dating Pro plans are hardwired to help you earn more. You pick a package, we do the rest.
Try Dating Pro free trial for 14 days. Get mobile app's links by email.
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Perfect for 20+ dating niches
General dating, Speed dating, Matrimonial, Matchmaking, Social network, Adult dating, Asian singles, Black singles, White singles, Casual dating, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Cougar, LGBTQ+, Indian matrimonial, Interracial, Latin singles, Eastern-European brides, Senior dating, Sugar daddy.
Tell us about your niche and we will help you adjust your site to it.
Connect to Dating Pro Network and start with already active users on your site and app
Connect your site and app with 300+ of other dating platforms to get more active and real people on your app and site. Don't start with an empty site.
Zahmir Brooks-Smith
"Great at explaining next steps, asking the right questions, and assisting after only being briefed by another colleague."
Dating Pro Advanced will bring you 3 times more revenue than any other dating software
✓ Your apps and site works on Web, Google Play, and App Store
✓ Conversion increases 3x times
✓ Business process automation
✓ Track your site and apps performance
Do you have experience in raising seed rounds?
Contact us to use our expertise для scale your project faster.

100% open code. Custom modifications to match your idea and niche. No restrictions.
Get a free quote within 1 business day
✓ No need to search for third-party specialists. Launch your app on time.
✓ We work with NDA, no data leaks. Send us your idea details, and we'll evaluate it and advise.
78% of all projects were finished on time
We use Agile, Scrum, and Kanban methodologies in Jira, Trello, and task managers.
Solve any questions with just one message to your personal Customer Success Manager
✓ We'll take care of the development, incoming traffic, conversion enhancing, while you develop your dating business.
✓ The satisfaction rate of 90%. The median first response time is within 59m. The time to close the ticket is 1h 22m.
18/6 customer support
82% of all cases are resolved within 2 hours.
Our highly trained support geeks are always ready to help you.

Mon-Fri: via Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, email, phone.
Sat-Sun: via email
Gary Walker 
"The team of skilled specialists helped me achieve my business goals without any financial losses or related inconsistencies. What impressed me most when I started our relationship was the focus on customer needs and preferences. I purchased a lot of products from to increase my site’s uniqueness and improve the user experience. The results of my collaboration with these smart developers are amazing."
How it works
What Dating Pro means for your online dating business
Contact us to discuss your dating site and mobile apps expectations and the roadmap.
  1. Tell us about your app or site idea.
  2. We'll compile a full project description, provide you with the estimation and the timeframes. We help you layout the foundation of the project you're building.
  3. Get a detailed project roadmap depicting every step of your project execution to make it as hassle-free as possible for you.
  4. You'll get access to our experience in Lean Startup methodology and especially MVPs, which we've been using for the past 5 years.
  5. You get 2 first hours of custom development at a $20/hour rate. As well as an example project plan for a dating site and apps as a bonus. To test our expertise and see how we can work with you.
  6. Your personal manager is always available and ready to help with all questions.
Get a free quote for your project within 1 business day.
Can I first see the prototype of my app? Before I order it from you.

Yes! We offer free prototypes that can be used to match the niche you've chosen. You can see the screens, test the user experience, check how it all works out, and make sure that you can successfully implement your idea with us, even before you make the payment.

  • Prototype: We design prototypes for iOS, Android, websites, and any other gadgets. We only build prototypes based on your requirements or your agreement with our Personal Manager, we don't write business plans and requirements for your project ourselves.
  • We help design a Minimum Viable Product that has the basic features necessary to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future development.
  • Design: From 70 ready themes in the marketplace to your unique design. We combine visual principles, data & color psychology, and decades' worth of experience to create aesthetic interfaces that bring results.
  • Full Build: We build a full-fledged product based on the features laid out in the specification documents and the feedback received from the MVP.
Get your Android and iOS dating apps published in Google Play and App Stores under your brand. Start your professional dating website on desktop and VR.
Help people meet and stay in touch everywhere, at any time.

  • Your site and apps will be available after it's installed on the hosting server and the domain name is connected. Brand and domain names are purchased separately.
  • The mobile apps will bring you profit via monetization tools.
  • Your apps will be published on Google Play and App Store within 5-40 business days. Simply follow our app publication requirements and get your app published in Google Play and App Store. Apple made the publication more complex thus it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to go through their internal tests to successfully publish your app.
Enhance your dating service with the best add-ons and services fit for your niche
  • We offer 300+ ready-made add-ons, so there is no need to have them developed from scratch. This helps you save time and money.
  • You get ready members on your dating site and mobile apps
  • Access our database of daters if you want to evaluate your A/B tests and hypotheses quickly. Every new dating site will start bringing profit faster if you have enough users.
  • We also specialize in ad and marketing services to acquire new members on your site and apps as an extra service.
Customer Success Manager at Dating Pro

Hey there, if there's anything still not clear for you or you want to learn how it would work with your idea and niche, contact me in the live chat.
  1. Contact me→ or call me directly at 1-844-545-2359 (toll-free)
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Try Dating Pro free trial for 14 days. Get mobile app's links by email.
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